Tips on Keeping Yourself and Your Data Protected

Billions of people are now in the digital world, which has become a new playground where the bad guys love stealing and performing other types of online violations.

Some tips to avoid and protect all your information are:

• High security passwords

A lot of people don’t see the importance of their password thinking they would never get hacked. This is the reason why many of them choose to use the most common passwords.
Take a little time to create your own password. First try to use different character types, the best way is using punctuation, symbols, letters and numbers to make powerful your password.
Never, ever use the same password. Many people choose the same password for different social media accounts, email, etc. You should avoid this because you could get hacked everywhere at the same time.
Have an impenetrable password could help you protect all your personal data but there are other things you should pay attention.

• Whenever you go, you IP address is communicating with website addresses. To keep yourself anonymous online, a good idea is to use a VPN.

• Use HTTPS websites. The HTTPS was created to bring about a much safer online world. Make sure that all the websites you disclose your private information support this protocol.

• Always use an antivirus. This is a great way of protecting you PC and files.

Do you know anymore tips? Let us know!

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