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Advanced data archiving in the action

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  • System independent

  • Supports SQL Server and Oracle

  • Extracts FULL transaction sets from one table to hundreds of tables

  • You can define your own retention policies

  • It allows you to preview the total number of records to be extracted

  • It has a parallel engine

  • It has a development environment

  • It provides different configurations depending on your budget


Your business transfers high volumes of transactions on a daily basis? Do you have to continuously upgrade your hardware to maintain an acceptable environment performance? Are environment maintenance processes taking a huge amount of time? Advanced database archiving is your tool.

Every piece of information has its lifecycle, and after sometime it becomes a historic record. These records are important even if they haven’t been accessed ever again. With time these records turn in to heavy pieces of data, which slows down the performance of your applications, slowing down retrieval of other data and the process in whole.

To avoid investing in increasingly bigger disk space, and later in more servers, or risking the data loss, we offer a solution that will archive your historical data allowing access at all times, thus increasing the speed, productivity and efficiency of your business.

Our Advanced database archiving (ADA) software works directly with your database management system, taking full advantage of its capabilities. ADA does not have anything hardcoded.
Our software allows you to define retention policies, according to your business rules – it gives you the freedom to archive information from a single table, to very complex transactions, that includes multiple tables.
It also works with your companies IT department, giving you the freedom to schedule archives, adjusting the speed to your company’s speed.
ADA is an independent system, which means that you can build custom sets of transactions for any application based on SQL Server or Oracle, or take advantage of our growing set of archiving dictionaries.

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