Five Keys for Easier ERP Deployments

We know ERP deployments are complex and challenging, but there are ways to make them easier. Just follow these five keys for easier ERP deployment project.

1. Work from Outcomes

When deploying a new ERP system, start by understanding what your business is trying to accomplish and then work back to how it empower individual users. You user experience, your business processes, your screens and the data you collect must be in line with achieving your goals.

2. Follow the Five Phases

The five phases of a good ERP rollout include:
– project launch
– designing
– executing
– validating the implementation
– And then going live with the system.

Define each phase and match you progress against these phases.

3. Create a Culture of change

The real key for a successful deployment is getting boy-inn form employees tasked with using the system.
If your people are not prepared and haven’t embraced the technology of ERP, then its implementation will fail. All the users have to buy into the application and the understanding that it will make their daily work faster and easier.

4. Get Executive Buy-in

Leaders must talk about the impact of the ERP system to everyone in the organization. They need to be visible and supporting the ERP system as a facilitating business performance.
All the members of your team, including managers and leaders, must clearly understand the importance of the ERP system.

5. Think Cloud all the way

Cloud based ERP systems sometimes come with reduced flexibility over their on premise brethren, the tradeoff usually is worth it.
A move to the cloud helps to achieve faster and more efficient deployment of the ERP system. With the ERP application hosted in the cloud, the ERP vendor takes ownership of what is required to keep the infrastructure up to date.

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