Five AI Initiatives That Improve ERP

ERP has always been about managing a large set of variables and using the data for better forecasting. The problem has been complexity and fully utilizing the data. But now we have artificial intelligence. AI addresses two of the biggest challenges present with ERP: collecting data and making use of it.

Here are 5 places to start:

1. Efficient Data Entry
One way AI can be used is through better data entry. Manually-intensive data entry can be replaced by cognitive services such as vision and speech that automate or improve upon the process of getting data into the ERP system.

2. Improved Data Access
AI is being related with ERP system through a change in data access from navigation to searching for answers. This can make ERP data more useful and available to employees with a wide range of needs and responsibilities.

3. Guided Information Retrieval
AI can be used as a tool for guiding users through ERP data and suggesting users for the data in the system. AI can play a role in finding new ways to bring together data in ERP systems.

4. Better modeling and forecasting
Instead of an annual planning process, business can use AI for faster aggregation and analysis of changing conditions for ongoing adjustments and complex forecasting.

5. More accurate auditing
Modern analytics and big data have only increased the data volume and scope of audits, making the process complex. By coupling analytics and big data with AI, business can greatly improve the accuracy of their audits by using machine learning to help recognize patterns and interpret the data.

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